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Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale

Thank you for becoming a valued hearing aid client at Plymouth Hearing Centre Ltd.

We will do our utmost to ensure that you derive the maximum benefit from your hearing instrument(s) whilst you attend our Practice

We will follow-up with you regularly during the first few months of ownership and then every 6 months to ensure that the hearing instruments remain fully functional and operational. We also retain dedicated spare components to ensure that any repairs are resolved quickly without too much inconvenience to you. If the hearing aid needs to be returned to the manufacturer under warranty, a loan aid will be programmed and fitted without charge (subject to availability). This service excludes custom made in-the-ear hearing aids. Beyond 60 days the hearing instrument cannot be accepted back for credit.

It is recommended that your hearing levels are checked every 2 years. The assessment and hearing test fee is £50.00 and will include any re-programming adjustments should there be a deterioration in hearing levels. Appointments are chargeable after the warranty period ends. The appointment fee is £25.00

Your hearing instruments can be re-programmed in the event that your hearing levels change. There may be occasions when a client’s hearing levels drop suddenly due to an unforeseen event/illness. These circumstances are out of our control and may restrict our ability to programme the hearing aid(s) satisfactorily.

We reserve the right to make a re-programming charge if the hearing aids provided by us have been adjusted by another hearing care professional and require re-setting.

Hearing aid trials are offered as a complimentary service to help determine the suitability of amplification. Any purchasing decision made by the client is a separate matter entirely. A full refund, less professional fees (10% of sales value) is offered if the hearing aids are returned within 60 days of the invoice & fitting date. We are unable to accept items for return or credit after this date.

Hearing aid insurance – We recommend you include the hearing aids and charger on your household insurance as individual items to cover against loss or damage.

Consumables: – Replacement wax guards & domes are charged at £ 8.00 per pack. Hearing aid batteries are charged at £3.00 per pack of 6 cells. Postage costs apply where applicable. All prices and services quoted are subject to change and exclude VAT.

Micro suction ear wax removal: – For hearing aid clients of Plymouth Hearing Centre Ltd, wax removal by micro suction is charged at a reduced fee of £25

Plymouth Hearing Centre Ltd reserve the right to amend and update these Terms and Condition of Sale as required.

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