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Your Hearing Consultation

‘Client-centered hearing care’ puts you and your hearing at the heart of our conversation. Our three simple steps below outline the appointment process.

1. Our listening process

When you visit us, we create a relaxed friendly environment to discuss your hearing concerns. We will ask you a handful of medical, general health and hearing related questions. We will explore where you hear well and the areas you may be struggling with; for example listening to TV or background noise. You are welcome to bring in a family member or friend also.

2. Hearing assessment

A physical examination of your ear canals and ear drums will be made to assess for ear wax and to check for any ear abnormalities such as perforations or middle ear fluid. We will use a video camera to show you your ear health. Your hearing will then be tested in our quiet room. and we may perform additional tests too

3. Professional, impartial advice

We will discuss your results fully with you, allowing you time to ask further questions. We will make a customised, individual plan with recommendations to help resolve any hearing difficulties you have. If hearing assistance is required we can arrange a hearing aid trial at your convenience.

Peace of mind

As the owner of Plymouth Hearing Centre Ltd, I can guarantee that you will never be ‘sold to’, ‘pressurised’ or ‘persuaded’ to make a decision you didn’t want to make. My clients enjoy an exceptional level of care and attention from me at all times & I will happily outline our approach in full when we meet.

Get the care you need

Simply select and book a consultation time that is convenient for you.