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Invisible Hearing Aids

Proudly independent

With no ties to any one hearing aid manufacturer, we can be completely impartial in our decision making when selecting the best solution to enhance your hearing. Helping you to hear better in all social situations is very important to us.

Continued advancements in miniaturised technology and new materials such as titanium now mean that hearing aids can made much smaller than ever before. They can be 100% invisible.

More and more of our clients are now feeling completely at ease with their new super light, natural sounding hearing aids and don’t even notice they are wearing them.

Hearing aid styles

  • CIC – completely-in-the-canal, almost invisible and sits deep in the ear.
  • ITC – in-the-canal, marginally bigger than CIC.
  • ITE – in-the-ear, all technology sits in the ear canal.
  • RIC – receiver-in-the-canal, two piece design. Highly advanced technology sits inside and invisibly behind the ear.
  • BTE – behind-the-ear, the hearing aid sits behind the ear and is connected to an ear mould via a plastic tube.

Hearing aid questions?

If you need an appointment just to talk about hearing aids in detail and to get a second opinion or wish to compare your NHS hearing aids with ours we can create time to answer your questions honestly. We are here to help you evaluate the benefits of newer aids.

Hearing aid brands

We supply hearing aids from the world’s leading manufacturers.
Bernafon, ReSound, Oticon, Phonak, Siemens, Starkey, Unitron, Widex.

Peace of mind

As the owner of Plymouth Hearing Centre Ltd, I can guarantee that you will never be ‘sold to’, ‘pressurised’ or ‘persuaded’ to make a decision that isn’t in your best interests. My clients enjoy an exceptional level of care and attention from me at all times & I will happily outline our approach in full when we meet.

Get the care you need

Simply select and book a consultation time that is convenient for you.